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Why Insulate?

Industrial insulation

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Phonic insulation

Dubbing walls with rockwool or glass wool and plasterboard:

 This type of insulation is made with a complex made of the plasterboard in the exterior side, associated with a metallic structure that contains the desired insulation either in rockwool or glass wool.

1st step:

Installation of the metallic structure

2nd step:

Fixing the rock wool

3rd step:

Fixing plasterboard

Insulating the walls with rockwool or MDF plates:

  Acoustic Coverment with MDF panels on a wood or metal frame regardless of whether they are punched or not.

Insulation acoustic ceiling:

Sound impact insulation

What is impact noise?

The impact noise is the result of a shock or vibration: People movement (heels) or furniture, objects fall…

Which product to use for insulation?    

                 ISOPACT (17 dB of reduction)                                                                        ISOTOP  

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Insulation between the walls

Insulation between the double walls by injection of bulk rockwool:

   Injection between the double walls of rockwool bulk, the rockwool density varies between a minimum of 20 kg/m3 and can reach 150 kg/m3 , the thermal conductivity  ¦Ë = 0.036 W/m.k.  

Insulation between the double walls with slabs of rockwool:

   Semi Rigid rockwool slabs exist in different densities: 40, and 60 kg/m3, as well as in different thicknesses: 40 and 50 mm.

 Insulation between the double walls with rolls of glass wool:

   Rolls of glass wool covered with kraft paper, density: 20 kg/m3, thickness: 50 mm and thermal conductivity, ¦Ë = 0.038 W/m.k.  

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Insulation and roofs waterproofing

First Solution :

With rockwool slabs

 Rockwool Panels are mainly designed and manufactured for the insulation of the roof terraces.

The thickness is 30 or 40mm, high density (150 kg/m3), resistant to compression as well as to aging and noncombustible.

 Thermal conductivity = 0.040 W / (mk) / / Reaction to fire: EURO Class A1

    Step 1 : Application of rockwool slabs

    Step 2 : Application of a waterproofing membrane to protect the rockwool

Waterproofing:  A waterproofing membrane APP ,in single layer , is composed of two frames of non-woven polyster and a veil ofglass embedded in a mixture of modified bitumen, the thickness is 4mm  and the size is 1.00mx 10.00m.

 Bending cold -5 ° C

Resistance to heat after artificial aging 110 ° C

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Second Solution :

The Insulation of terraces by XPS plates (reversed insulation system )

Step 1: Installation of XPS plates on the terrace

Step 2:  Installation of the geotextile which increases the thermal performance and protect plates XPS

Step 3: Protection with 12/20 gravel

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