Protection de

de l’énergie,



   Since its creation in 2001, Isolmax has strengthened its technical skills in the field of thermal and sound insulation of the buildings.

   Isolmax always keep linked to the international market, it never ceases to develop its solutions to the most demanding needs.

   Our activities:

   The sale of insulation products for buildings (glass wool, rock wool, extruded polystyrene …) and insulation work, installation and injection. 

  The sale of Polycarbonate plates / Acrylic

   Industrial Insulation (

    Our assets:

   A wide range of products and solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings (existing buildings and buildings under construction)

   A professional team to assist you in insulation work, installation and injection.

   Products recognized by the National Agency for Energy Efficiency by their contribution to energy saving plan introduced by the Tunisian State.

   Products certified and internationally renowned.